Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Variation on a theme

No prizes for guessing that it's another bag! A variation on the BQL January bag, this time for a swap on the Yahoo Group, Unlimited Textiles. This one is going to Annie Bodelier in the Netherlands.


The pouch on the right above is the bag (left in the picture) folded up into its own pocket, so it takes minimal space in one's handbag or car glovebox and is ready at a moment's notice to take shopping and prevent the need for a plastic carrier bag.

The month's theme was Nature and this bag seemed appropriate to the theme, as it can potentially help the environment. I made it from stashed calico (muslin to my American readers) which I embellished with a floral design inspired by the clematis flowering in my garden, using fabric paint with a little embroidery. I so hope Annie likes it and finds it useful.

I also have Nature as a theme for a 5" quiltie and then I need to make a box inspired by "fantasy" and my May bag for BQL. I'm very behind with these projects due to the recurrent viruses that have come my way.

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