Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Knitting off Needles, Knitting on Needles

I finished knitting and sewing together a tunic for myself yesterday:

It's a Swing Tunic from the Twilley's Freedom Gorgeous pattern book. The yarn is a mix of bamboo and nylon which doesn't feel at all synthetic and has a lovely drapiness to it, although it can be a little splitty. The pattern was enjoyable to knit and the tunic will, I think, be enjoyable to wear, too. The colour is called Hollyhock, for reasons I can't quite fathom, but it's a lovely, gentle shade.

Naturally something else had to start on the needles, so I cast on for Glampyre's Insomnia sock and this is growing well. This the first time I've attempted a toe-up sock pattern and it's interesting. There will be short row heels, another first for me.

I was going to knit these in Handmaiden's Casbah but instead a stashed yarn from Fyberpates demanded its turn. I'm ashamed to say that I misplaced the label while winding it but it is delicious to work with.

My bathroom is being refitted this week so there is lots of noise, mess and coming and going happening here. I'm glad to have a relaxing knit to work on in the haven of my living room, especially as I'm still feeling under the weather.