Thursday, 7 June 2007

Busy Times

I've just put up my second exhibition in as many months, so it has been a busy time.
This one is at the Octagon Gallery in Castle School, Thornbury, South Glos., with Thread Carefully, my Textile Art Group. After a long morning's effort, it looks pretty good and surprisingly cohesive for five artists who work independently and very differently.

The pictures below are some of the pieces I showed last month at Gallery 370 in Cleeve, and some of them are now exhibited in Thornbury.

The three above are from a series entitled "Snapshots of the Sea", where different techniques are used to capture the restless and relentless movement of the waves, and the changing colours which can be seen. I have manipulated, dyed and distressed fabrics and then used mixed media to enhance the effect in the top two. The bottom one is worked in wools using the hooky rug-making technique on recycled hessian.
This piece below is called "Dark Materials". It is appliqu├ęd, embroidered and embellished in mixed media.

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The two above are from the series: "Ancient Fragments". They combine embroidery and mixed media and evoke corroded metals.

This goldwork piece is called "Fields of Gold".