Thursday, 18 August 2011

Heartfelt Creativity

Last year my friend and erstwhile C&G tutor, Jan Connett, curated an exhibition: Heartfelt  in Bristol's Centre Space Gallery.  This year a new Heartfelt will be held at the Bradley Grant Gallery during the month of September, this time in support of  the British Heart Foundation.  

I have submitted two hearts for this exhibition.  The brief was to make hearts which could be seen from both sides, so my first one was worked in traditional rag rugging techniques on hessian.  Above, you can see the hooked side.  Below the proggy side is shown and I like the way it creates a sort of fringe at the edge of the hooked side.

Mt second heart is in foiled stained glass, and I plan to make more of these in due course as it was very enjoyable to create, even if a drop of solder did leap off my soldering iron and onto my hand, so I now have a pair of scarred hands.  The burn is one, and the other is my poor index finger which was gashed a few weeks ago when caught in the car door.  It's still very tender and unfortunately the wound became infected so I needed a course of antibiotics.  It's now virtually healed but will take a while to return to normal.

I am looking forward to seeing what other people have come up with this time around, and really hope a lot of   money is raised for BHF.