Thursday, 15 May 2008

Not a Bag

This is my entry to Poetry in Stitches 2, run by the National Needlework Archive.

It's my textile interpretation of a wonderful poem by Daphne Schiller entitled "Doormat" which she has kindly given me permission to post in my blogs:


I am a doormat,
I'm brown and homespun
But my welcome's worn off.
I'm tired of taking it all lying down,
I bristle when I'm beaten.
Deep in the fibres of my being
I dream of becoming a thick-piled rug,
Fluffy and frivolous
On which seductions take place.
I'm going to let my hair down
So just watch your step.

Daphne Schiller.

It's made using a combination of techniques and materials, from canvaswork to using the embellisher machine, hooking and progging (rugmaking techniques) and some straight embroidery and fabric painting.

Materials include hessian, threads of linen, wool and cotton, merino rovings and wensleydale fleece.

After judging next month, it may go on exhibition:venues to be announced. Wish me luck!


margaret said...

Great poem, and a delightful interpretation!

Amy said...

How beautiful!

Guzzisue said...

well done, I thought about this and picked up the application form etc but just didn't have the time.

Merisi said...

The poem and your work complement each other wonderfully! I feel my toes cozying up to the soft part of your mat. ;-)

arlee said...

Congrats on the show/acceptance and love the textures and colours!

Helen Suzanne said...

this is a stunning piece. A lovely entry.