Sunday, 18 March 2012

Back to the Needle!

Oh, it has been a long, miserable winter of operation recovery, energy-sapping fluey bugs and life's little hiccups, but finally I've found my way back to my needle case.

 The picture above shows my contribution to the International Quilt Challenge third theme, "Architexture".  It was inspired by our trip to Marrakech in Morocco in 1996, and was inspired by the Almoravid Koubba and the city walls, the colours and general ambiance of the city.  There was so much food for creative thought there that, in fact, I developed a sort if artistic indigestion, and it has taken until now to begin to be resolved in this small piece, and there is hopefully much more output to come.  We took the first flight out of Bristol to Marrakech on this holiday, and I'm sad to discover that the troute is no longer available, as I'd love to return there.

I am currently a student with Karen Ruane  on her "Extending Embellishment course.  Above is my most recent sample, comprising three different stitched elements (two on scrim and one on silk straw paper).  It is an intriguing course with much to be learned and absorbed, and Karen gives such excellent material, inspiration and support.

Here you see the effect of adding hand stitched details to machine-stitched forms on cotton scrim.  We are less than half way through and I wonder what delights are yet to come!