Friday, 2 May 2008

At Last! Stitching Again


Here is another bag I have made for the British Quilters' List 2008 Bag Challenge. I've had this wonderfully bright cotton patterned with multi-coloured cats for well over a decade. When I was planning this bag, I had in mind two different black denims, but this fabric had other ideas and insisted its time had come to be used. Another stash fabric proved a surprisingly good partner for it, and the result was utterly opposite to what I had originally envisaged.


The bag is again designed by Kandy Newton and it was interesting but easy to make using her excellent and clear instructions. My bags are getting plenty of use and I can see this one will be no exception


MargaretR said...

This is a beautiful bag Sue. I need a bag to go on holiday, but i'm not sure if I have time to make one. If I do it won't look half as good as yours.

Guzzisue said...

Hi 'You are pricking my conscience.' presume no pun intended :?) Get the pilow out, find an easy pattern and make some lace....problem is finding time, especially with the lovely bags that you are making at the moment.