Saturday, 17 March 2007

Rust dyeing

This piece of cotton cloth was soaked in white vinegar, then folded and wrapped around a rusty pole and left for a day or so before refolding and wrapping, replacing the whole bundle in a knotted plastic bag to retain the moisture. This was done over the space of about one week in warm UK summer weather.

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Judith said...

Hi there! Came across your rust fabric when I was googling for info about it. Am part of two person business, dyeing threads, fabric and fibres and meant to be doing my own textile work as well, but feeling low and in a creative block since finishing City and Guilds a couple of years ago. Have wanted to try rust dyeing for a while and was inspired by your fabric. Have you done more, and what else do you do with it? Tried rust dyeing felt, for example? Am hoping to find me-time to make a start soon. Hope you post more pics:)!