Saturday, 17 March 2007

Crazy Patchwork Pincushions

Some crazy patchwork pincushions I made for a swap with an internet group. I enjoy these techniques and ought to use them again before long. They are a great way of using tiny scraps of precious fabrics. I have a friend who is a professional dressmaker and soft furnisher, and she sent some lovely bridesmaid dress scraps my way. These contributed to a large extent to these two pincushions.

I like using a monochromatic colour scheme sometimes, with a small dash of he complementary colour to add zing: in this case the shades of purple contrasted with a golden yellow. I have used a mixture of machine embroidery, using automatic stitches programmed into my Husqvarna Lily, and a bit of hand embroidery because I love the rhythm of manual embroidery.

A few beads add sparkle to the mix of colours and textures. They are like little textile gems, precious and unique.

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