Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Time flies....

In the past month I've spent a wonderful fortnight in Austria and then a less joyful period doing battle with Swine Flu and Tamiflu, so it's not been a very productive time in terms of things to show. DH had to rush off to Istanbul to see his mother, who had managed to start a week's holiday there with a fall and a broken hip, no fun when you're 87, and he took my Lady of the Forest shawl with him as a gift for her - so I'll be making that again, for me, before too long. I knew it would be well received and it was my way of sending a hug as I couldn't give her one in person. I've felt very cheated by this illness, as it meant I missed both Festival of Quilts and Fibrefest, with opportunities to meet friends real and virtual, as well as doing a bit of shopping...

However, I've been doing a lot of thinking about where I'm coming from, creatively, and I hope that soon I'll be able to leap from my sick bed and start putting some of these thoughts into action.

I've just come across an excellent quote in my latest companion book, "The Mermaid's Child" by Jo Baker:

"He that would see marvels, it behoves him sometimes to wend out of his way."
- Sir John Mandeville, Mandeville's Travels.

So here's to plenty of off-road wending in the near future!


karen said...

oh dear, the dreaded swine flu! I had a rather flippant episode with swine flu that you can read here,
and I would like to apologise to those of you who have actually had to go through it for real. Get well soon!!

Tiggy Rawling said...

A bit of a time then! I had a brief encounter with swine flu, in as much as a student recently revealed that she went home and took to her bed with the dreaded s/flu.

Onwards and upwards, happy wending

Sheila Knight said...

Hello Sue
Sorry to find that you have had the dreaded swine flu, my daughter in law, who works in mental health at WSM Hosp has also had it and she was really poorly so we hope it won`t come to our house.
Hope that you will soon feel much better and get back into creating really soon.
Maybe one day I will get to Congresbury and meet you in the flesh as well as blogwise.


Hi Sue

Hope you are feeling better soon, also sending good wishes to your mother-in-law for a good recovery