Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Melting with Maggie

I was lucky enought to get a place on a 2 day workshop (Hot Fix) with Maggie Grey on 13th and 14th June in Bournemouth. She has posted some lovely photos of students' work on her blog.

Here are some rather fuzzy pix of works in progress which I started during this very enjoyable workshop, learning all sorts of new techniques, as well as revisiting a few golden oldies.


It will be interesting to see how they progress now, and how quickly that will happen! I've sent off for supplies so I can take them forward. For example, the thread laid on the piece above belonged to another student, Sue H, (funnily enough, both we Sues are owners of Lily sewing machines, which is what Susan means). I took a photo for reference but it hasn't really shown up very well. Unfortunately, Sue H couldn't recall the thread's origin, so I've ordered some dyed threads from Stef Francis and some ready-to-dye ones from Texere for some do-it-yourself space dyeing. I hope that couching the threads and perhaps some beads will integrate the elements so that it looks less like a box of prettily wrapped chocolate truffles and more something richly organic.


This one needs some stitching, couching and beading, to emphasize and enhance the floral feature. I probably have what's needed to do that.


This piece will include stitching and beading, too. Integration and enhancement will be the idea behind this.


Not quite sure where I'll go with this crunchy rose, but there's no hurry - I've plenty to be getting on with!

Many of the techniques we used in the workshop are covered in Maggie's excellent new, hot-off-the-press book, Image to Stitch , also available from all good bookshops.


MargaretR said...

Congratulations on your fame. Anna will be thrilled I'm sure!
now I do envy you being able to go on a Maggie Grey course. Isn't she fantastic? Love the work you did and I think I saw you mentioned and a photo of your work on M's website?

hippopip said...

It does not look like a box of chocolates it is gorgeous and I am very envious, your rusted fabrics are lovely, thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment,lovely to hear from someone local